We offer simple solution to address your complicated business challenges
using the simplicity and elegance of Java

Backed by nine years of experience in developing full stake java applications using various Java platforms such as J2ME, J2SE and J2EE, Azilen has been providing robust and scalable technology solutions spanning from custom java developments & applications to enterprise integrations, to the small, medium and large-scale enterprise of various industry verticals.

Java App Development

  • Java Enterprise Application Development
  • Java Cloud Application Development
  • Java Mobile Application Development
  • J2EE Application Development

Custom java development

  • Java CMS Development
  • Java Analytic & BI Solutions
  • Java Enterprise Services Bus
  • Java App Re-engineering

Java Consulting

  • Java IoT Application Consulting
  • Java Enterprise Application Consulting
  • Java Architecture Consulting
  • Java Framework Consulting

Java Migration, integration & support services

  • Java Enterprise App Migration
  • Java Maitenance & Support
  • Java App Optimization
  • Java Reporting Tools Integration
Simple, robust and secured touch points
Effortlessly Multithreading, an essential characteristic in visual and network programming and it is capable of performing several tasks concurrently within the program
Adequate amount of mature off-the-shelf libraries and tooling
Diligent Java professionals with perfect proficiency of working over dynamic architectures across multiple platforms, database processing, and load mechanisms to develop innovative tailored Java applications
Dedicated R&D team to explore J2EE Web Application Development possibilities in line with latest technology trends
Case Studies
Case Studies
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