Product Engineering

The Agile Engine for Product Development

Goal of Lean Product Development
  • Validate Core
    Business Hypothesis
  • In Shortest possible
  • Eliminate or avoid
Development Process
The LeanDevelopment Process








Build Measure

Feedback Loop
  • Key Partners

    Who can help us?

    Who are our Partners?

  • Key Activities

    Which Key Activities do our Value Propositions require?

    What do we do?

    Key Resources

    Which Resources do our Value Propositions require?

  • Value Proposition

    For which of the problem, do we help our customers in finding the solution?

    Value Provided

    How do we help?

  • Customer Relationships

    How do we Get, Keep and Grow the customers?

    How do we interact?


    Through which channel do our Customer Segments want us to be reached?

  • Customer Segments

    Who are our customers?

    Whom do we help?

    For whom do we create value?

  • Cost Structure

    What are the most important costs in our business model?

    Which Key Activities are the most expensive?

  • Revenue Streams

    For which value are our customers really willing to pay?

    What is the revenue model? How do you make money?



Scoping of MVP

  • Minimum set of features needed to learn from early adopters
  • Avoid building products nobody wants
  • Maximize the learning per dollar invested
  • Early adopter will fill in the gaps on missing features if prod uct is really solving a real problem
  • Requires a commitment to iteration
  • Chasing customer what they think they want

Final Product


Validate learning

  • Identify who the user is

  • Identify what they want

  • Identify vanity matrices

  • Continue feedback loop

Product Development
Product Development Approach
Case Studies
Case Studies

Our technical solutions that have created remarkable business value for our clients.

Client Quotes
Client Quotes
Humble Brag
humble brag

An extra mile of effort is worth to exceed their expectations

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