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Conversational AI
We build Chatbots beyond conversational AI

From initiating standalone chatbot application to extending the existing enterprise solutions, Azilen develops smart and self-learning AI driven Chatbot assuring effective cost to convergence journey. Our conversational chatbot revolutionize your interactions with your customers, partners and employees. Our end-to-end bot development services offers contextually scalable Chatbot application with human like personality for value adding warm user and customer experience.

As a leading chatbot development company, Azilen develops high-yielding AI driven chatbot prevalent across industries such as Standard Chatbots (that handles FAQs), Intent Recognizers, Virtual Agents and Human like Advisers.

to your
Business &

  • Automated and Engaging Interactions Our Chatbot Developers handles complex queries, predefined processes and even transactions with high degree of accuracy & delivers automated engaging experiences for any chatbot applications.

  • 24x7x365 Seamless and Monitored Services Customer support chatbot delivers consistent round the clock services beyond geographical boundaries and human nature limitations. Both conversational chatbot and voice chatbot manage User Journey monitoring and data Analytics too.

  • Minimized Cost to Serve AI chatbot drops the cost per interaction down. Enterprise can manage increasing user traffic without increasing team size using bots incorporated with CRM, HR, ERP systems.

  • Future Positioning Personality driven AI chatbot is a must have feature now to remain into the competition and avail future positioning in the global market place.

Enterprise Chatbot
Azilen’s enterprise Chatbots are: Intelligent | Engaging | effective
Messenger app
ChatBot Development for Messenger app
  • Microsoft Bot Development

    We develop conversational AI enabled Chatbots making the best out of Microsoft Framework and its integrated environment. Extend the reach of your services using our Microsoft Bot Development Services.

  • Facebook Bot Development

    Ranging from pre-sales inquiries to customer support, our industry specific Facebook Messenger App Development services can enable you to communicate with over billion users using the app on their mobile devices.

  • IBM Watson Bot Development

    Leveraging the pre-trained business solutions and APIs of IBM Watson platform, we build Chatbots for robust and scalable enterprise solutions that learn more with less data and handle complex responses.

  • Custom ChatBot Development

    Our Custom bot development solutions aligns with business strategy and address specific needs of an organization. Our user centric custom bots have domain specific conversational expertise to maximize ROI with the ease of operations.

Case Studies
Case Studies

Our technical solutions that have created remarkable business value for our clients.

Bot Frameworks
Bot Frameworks We use

Microsoft Bot Framework


Bot Connector - integration framework - the component for natural language

Facebook Bot Engine ( the Bot Engine is a wrapper that relies on
Machine Learning

It runs in the cloud

Very good at extracting the sentiments

Aspect CXP and Aspect NLU

Aspect Customer Experience Platform (CXP) - the
platform to design, implement and deploy multi-channel
customer service apps.

Aspect NLU – the component for human like conversation

Ideal to create complex and enterprise Chatbots

Rasa NLU

Not quite framework, Rasa NLU is similar to NLP

Exposes REST API endpoints to run as services within
other frameworks

Facilitate the back end (Google Dialogflow)

Developed on the concepts such as:

Entities – Mapping NLP

Intents – Mapping between user inputs and bot responses

Actions – Corresponding the step by step moves of application

Contexts–Portraying the context of the user’s expressions

Platforms We harness

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