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Hospitality as Sector

Behind the blissfully smiling face of hospitality industry full of bright lights and melodious music, there are exhausting challenges of escalating operating costs and evolving customer expectations. When what you offer, how you offer and how you make the customer feel define the success, not a single aspect of toil can be underestimated. Azilen strategizes solutions for continual productivity in diversified operations with innovation centric approach.

  • Leisure
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Casino
Solution Offering
Azilen's Distinctive SolutionOfferings Include

With cognizance of ever growing demand of the place where emotions, happiness and occasions are celebrated, Azilen proffers solutions encompassing each microscopic process of hospitality sector to empower all respective moves with confidence.

Food Ordering Solution
Tablet based Ordering System
Feedback and Loyalty Solutions
Payment Solutions
POS Integration
Central Infrastructure Management System
Access Control Solutions
Entertainment System
Valued Virtuosity
Azilen Valued Virtuosity
  • Proven paramount brilliance in industry since 2008

  • Developed 20+ successfully running products and rendered 40+ technology solution for hospitality

  • In-depth and painstaking analysis of each operational process

  • Successfully launched the concept of Hospitality Intelligence

Case Studies
Case Studies

Our technical solutions that have created remarkable business value for our clients.

Client Quotes
Client Quotes
Humble Brag
humble brag

An extra mile of effort is worth to exceed their expectations

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    POTUS Donald Trump opted for MoCA test recently and Azilen, the Technology Partner for MoCA's modern-day enterprise mobility solutions congratulates Dr. Ziad for his contributions to the society.

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    Improve Liferay Enterprise Application Performance by Removing GSA Integration

    By Hetal Prajapati

    This blog is about impacts of removing Google Search Appliance (GSA) integration from a full-scale Liferay enterprise application along with the aspects that we considered while removing the integration.

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