Pliable Music App for Tutors
and Learners

Client is a well-established domain expert dance mentor with prodigious group of committed students and followers. As the training was précised to particular dance style only, a domain centric distinctive mobile app was required to proffer extended services as access to euphonious top notch collective compositions to students and sub tutors located at various geographic locations helping them in convenient dance practice.
  • Client already had an outmoded web application which was missing several significant features including streaming and variable bit rate.

  • Assuring a highly proficient web application to match with contemporary trends.

  • Development from scratch of an industry specific mobile application aligned with client’s exceptional coaching techniques.

  • 1
    After an in-depth study of client’s professional methodologies, Azilen developed a technically robust iOS application with exceptionally gorgeous UI
  • 2
    Two user categories: Studio for trainers or group users and Solo for students or single users
  • 3
    Fields: Class Design, Ask Maestro, Audio Player, Favorites and Playlist for navigation and selection of desired songs or actions with resilient functionalities
  • 4
    Songs get uploaded through web application where Download function is configurable
  • 5
    Offline feature is enabled with adequate user control
  • 6
    Along with Variable Bit Rate (VBR), streaming feature is implemented through Amazon Web Service (AWS) in both web and mobile application
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Noteworthy increase in productivity of sub tutors.

  • Enhanced furnishing of convenience resulted into increased sincerity and performance of student.

Tools & Technologies
Tools Technologies