Delivering Excellence
in Medical Sector

The client community was formed by combined groups of medics which includes group of health specialists, hospitals and patients.

With over 2,200 doctors and medical staff on board, this is one of the largest healthcare specialist organizations in health sector. The community exchange health information with a purpose to offer an optimum level of health care system entirely focusing on patient's health.
  • Earlier, the client's project was built on SharePoint. There was limitation in it as the stakeholder could not customize content after publishing it. Due to this, constant development was needed to customize content that eventually increased the cost of the project. Hence, there was a need of system to minimize the expenses. There was manual process for server maintenance and backup which needed to be automated.

  • Apart from all these, as there were individual sites consisting distinct content with rich look and feel for every organization, third party tools integration and secure file system access were also some of the other major requirements.

  • 1
    A customized Liferay portal solution for healthcare organization matching with its massive size and complex requirements
  • 2
    Usage of open source platform and hybrid approach to develop agile solution within set budget
  • 3
    Used Liferay capabilities for Role base permissions, Custom Workflows, Need base Project Creations and easy content management etc.
  • 4
    Third party tool integrations: LDAP, SAML, SSO
  • 5
    Implementation of features such as Healthcare Tips, Suggestions for the patients seeking solution
  • 6
    Flexible, dynamic and user friendly solution with effective automation of server maintenance and backup plan
business benefits
  • High decrease in Total Cost of Ownership

  • Apparently easy to use and customized solution escalated the stakeholder’s productivity

  • A team work focused solution got resulted as much increased popularity among patients and community users

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