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Application for Real Estate

The client is a Europe base leading real estate developer with a vision of developing smart cities using state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. The client has real estate properties across Northern Europe and wishes to bring all the visitors, business owners, and residents of the area on the same online platform.
  • The challenge was simple – develop a cutting edge platform to host all the transactions online for all the businesses within the area. This platform will allow B2B as well as B2C users to collaborate using their smartphones like never before. The business owners will use this platform to promote their products and services, and the consumers should interact and transact with these online stores.

  • Additionally, the platform will be adding innovative technology to real estate areas, the mobile apps should allow the mobile users to navigate within the area with outdoor as well as indoor maps. For this beacon devices need to be installed strategically across the real estate area, which will not only provide user navigation, but also help the business owners to push their information onto users’ smartphones.

  • 1
    The intensive analysis of the client’s idea and numerous brainstorming sessions resulted as an innovative mobile app
  • 2
    The platform where business owners of the area create accounts and map them with their social media accounts
  • 3
    Platform integration included: Bluvision CMS, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Beacon Integration
  • 4
    All social media marketing campaigns would be collected over the cloud and pushed to the mobile app via beacons
  • 5
    All the transactions to be captured and processed over the cloud to provide real time data analytics and reports
  • 6
    Navigate within the area in accordance with outdoor as well as indoor maps
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