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Workflow Solution

The client is an organization that manages projects of city planning and development having many departments (i.e. water, land, electricity, law and other).
  • Delay in decision making and task mismanagement due to long process of accessing files

  • Managing and maintaining a wide range of documents of the project was a daunting task

  • Inter department dependency to find and access physical copy of file and with time, paper getting worn

  • 1
    A collaborative platform to manage end to end organizational workflows in line with document management
  • 2
    Web CMS Alfresco to customize workflows, Business process management, image level search and indexed files for faster access
  • 3
    Alfresco configured with Activity engine and Java Business Process Management (JBPM) engine for standard and smooth interface
  • 4
    Content Management Interoperability Service (CMIS) to exchange content internally with other platforms based on same complaint
  • 5
    Features: Employee information and work log management, Employee engagement, and designation based reporting and evaluation procedures
  • 6
    Training Calendars, Configurable leave policy feature and capable enough as Project Management Tool
business benefits
  • The client empowered to manage more projects effectivelyresulted as more business as well as exploration of new business areas

  • The employee believed the client company as the excellent organization to work with due to highly managed yet flexible work flows

  • The employee’s productivity boosted more than 70%

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