Customer Service Chatbot for
Shared Mobility Solutions

The client is a European technology company offering both software and services to automotive industry and enterprise level shared mobility solution providers. The client wanted to develop a solution that can efficiently automate the responses to massive level of inquiries generated through various inquiry channels such as Website, mobile app, calls and emails.
  • A single solution to automate large volume of interactions across all digital touch points

  • A solution that simplifies the complex business process and enhance the customer experience

  • 1
    Chatbot as an integrated and scalable solution to automate end-to-end process flow
  • 2
    Opted for RASA Stack after comparative analyses of various technologies

Service BOT Platform

  • 3
    Defining the use case, statistical analysis, Slack integration as channel selection, required integrations and creation of development environment
  • 4
    Creation of base data and Ontology to build the vocabulary of the chat bot with industry specific terminology
  • 5
    Data processing with RASA Core and RASA NLU for Intent & Entity detection (200 types of intents can be identified so far)
  • 6
    Working model of chatbot to respond the inquiries and navigate the user to the relevant person or department, if required
  • 7
    Machine Learning algorithms for direct & indirect supervised learning and interactive learning as an ongoing process to build further intelligence
  • 8
    Chatbot, email bot & voice bot capable of learning, generating, predicting and recommending responses for customers
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Improved efficiency of customer service desk along with reduction in redundant inquiries, focus on critical inquiries and central channelization

  • Enhanced customer service experience along with personalized customer connect, immediate attention and reduced wait time

Tools & Technologies
Tools Technologies