Assessment Solution

Cognitive assessment application was the ideation of a Canada based neurologist who developed a cognitive assessment application for electronic tablets especially designed for the clinicians which could assess mild cognitive dysfunction of the patient. Different cognitive domains of the patient like attention & concentration, memory, language, executive functions, Visio constructional skills, conceptual thinking, calculations and orientation, could be assessed.
  • Being a specialist in cognitive impairment domain, the core challenge for the whole team was to ideate and develop the application right from scratch.

  • Due to high number of users, one of the main challenges was to build a scalable and hindrance free platform for conducting tests on electronic tablets

  • As the assessment workflow is dynamic, I-pad application should be able to generate UX elements at runtime depending on the type of assessment questions.

  • It was required to build an overall and multi-tasking solution that could be easy to use, accurate, generate reports & analytics, provide multi-lingual support and able to manage high traffic situations with payment integrations was developed.

  • 1
    An iPad Application for doctors, clinicians and patients that stores user wise key details for cognitive assessment test
  • 2
    CMS and Transactions divided into separate services which interacted seamlessly with tablet and backend services
  • 3
    Dynamic generation of wide ranging questions in multiple languages and their absolute assessment
  • 4
    Features: Auto Scoring, Patient History, Score Mailing Options, Retests, Score Later, Test History and Score Comparisons
  • 5
    Senior citizens focused features: Palm Detection, Image Abstraction and Stylus Pen Integration
  • 6
    Secured integration with PayPal for paid customers’ package subscriptions
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Easy accessibility of digital documents as they centrally configured and managed.

  • Result generation and assessment of the patient is a rapid and dynamic process.

  • Multilanguage provides support to reach wider audience.

  • Multiuser support is provided for complete administration.

  • Offline tests feature allows user greater flexibility in taking the test without internet connection.

  • Convenience and portability provided to the clinicians.

Tools & Technologies
Tools Technologies