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Designing Solution

The client is a software product company providing multifaceted solutions to Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) that was looking for a technology partner to enhance their existing product - An on-demand and mass-reporting software platform.

The client company wanted its business users with zero IT expertise to have flexibility of creating on-the-fly reports of low to medium complexity. Moreover, the solution should be simple to use, user-friendly and intuitive. It should allow creation of various type of reports via creating reusable report templates in a modular manner.
  • Development of an intuitive and user friendly Graphical User Interface that enables the user to design any desired report template in minutes

  • Development of a complete customizable interface, which can implement components of a Report Template like custom Page Models and custom Reporting Modules

  • A fine-grained access control at each component level to make sure that each report template is created and distributed to the people or groups with right roles while maintaining the required confidentiality seamlessly

  • The solution should allow flexible integration with various report rendering engine such as BIRT, Jasper, Actuate e.Reports / iHub

  • 1
    A flexible and standalone Report Template Designing Solution to get integrated with the client’s existing product
  • 2
    GUI with easy access contextual toolbar and flexible drag and drop feature to design any desired report template quickly
  • 3
    Hierarchical Component based Structure, Multi-tenant architecture & Report generation based on configurable user input parameters
  • 4
    Multiple Page Models & Report Modules with customizable features with unlimited page model and report module possibilities
  • 5
    Flexibility to create custom roles, to configure permission set available for each role; and to define granular resource level permissions
  • 6
    JSON and REST API for efficient communication protocol that can be extended to mobile applications in future
  • 7
    The solution allows publishing and distribution of reports either on a regular interval of time or on-demand
  • 8
    On-demand preview of the report template into various formats like PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • Business users with no IT expertise can create on the fly reports with pleasing graphical representation .

  • The flexible integration with various report rendering engines makes it versatile enough to work in different technology environments

Tools & Technologies
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