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The UK-based client offers a comprehensive BI (Business Intelligence) solution to its customers, which are mainly event organizers and marketing managers. The approach to serve them is through different business intelligence techniques. The client helps their customers to achieve higher visitor attendance and better conversions from their events by providing various insights using cutting edge analytics algorithm.The customer organizes different paid as well as free-to-attend events for which our client provides a cloud-based platform to manage and automate event management using different types of services.
  • The client used to manage the audience and exhibitor data, analytics and insights, reporting, charting and other software services. In this process, some of the major challenges faced by the client are as follows:

  • Gathering data from different sources

  • An automated platform to assist the companies for organizing future events

  • Providing analytics and insights on different events held by organizers

  • Briefly stating, there was a requirement of a system that can provide analytic services and other important insights on different events through a single platform.

  • 1
    Integrated monolith technology solution using AWS Cloud as web application and separable backend apps to work simultaneously
  • 2
    Mule ESB to integrate existing systems with multiple technologies such as Web Services, JMS, HTTP as ETL processes
  • 3
    Specific data management configurations in single RDBMS using NoSQL database storage and MongoDB / Neo4j data access APIs
  • 4
    AWS S3 data storage in encrypted format > AWS Lambda – Data Validation > valid and invalid data to Mule ESB in separate files
  • 5
    UI: JQuery and AngularJS, D3js and Kendo UI along with RESTFull web service and JMS- Asynchronous notification
  • 6
    Techniques: Single availability zone, Executor service abstraction, Loose coupling technique, Ability to handle unpredictable load conditions
Business Benefits
Business Benefits
  • The solution is known as one of the most powerful multi-tasking platform

  • The solution got populated as an innovative product with exceptional analytics and insight generation capabilities

  • The robust and highly secure and scalable solution helped the client not only in increasing market share but also in building the reputation better

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